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Born Sheffield 1935 - it is time I started a career! Very much a Northern person, I grew up in the early post war era hating so called “North Country” comedy. The Brian Rix version gave the other parts of the UK an image bordering on the ridiculous and which they wanted. For that reason I had little time for Rotherham’s own Sandy Powell either.


One person who I did like on the Radio was Leslie Welsh who answered sporting questions. “Name the owner and jockey of the 1936 Derby winner”. “Who played right back for the winning team in the 1912 FA Cup final?” I got quite good at it on TV in the 1970’s and still today get called “The Memory Man”. Like Mr Welsh before me, I found it was not a lucrative life and also, like him, I could never remember if I had put my socks, tie and shoes on  and if I had the house key. I learned about the enormous grip the media have on people. In the end, they are only interested in selling you things.


Travelling over the country was expensive and I found myself better off working in the lower- paid Steelwork jobs.


I did take an active interest in working class politics. The same could not be said for the Labour Party.


After 2 unsuccessful marriages I had happier times with the poet Doreen Bottomley who died in 2011 and with my present fiancée, Maureen Cotton, who is a great help. Apart from Maureen, my two other loves are the North of England and Rotherham. Neither has had a good time in recent years and my dearest wish is a hope for better times.


Hello,welcome to my site



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Thanks to everyone who came to the launch at the Bridge - it meant a lot!


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