The Bonny Reds of Barnsley

The Bonny Reds of Barnsley.

They were not like Aston Villa, who do no work at all,
That win-nowt Woolwich Arsenal, who merely kick a ball,
The heroes of my story are all working down the mine,
They’re the 1912 cup finalists on eighteen bob and nine.

There’s going to be a replay in the final of the cup,
The biggest shock they’ve ever had and what a showing up,
They said we hadn’t got an earthly, we never stood a prayer
But the replay is at Bramall Lane and my team will be there.

Oh yes the Bonny Reds of Barnsley on eighteen bob and nine,
The Bonny Reds of Barnsley, all working down the mine,
The Bonny Reds of Barnsley, they never would give up,
And they run their blood to water in the final of the cup.

Now the replay is at Bramall Lane and it isn’t very far,
We walked from Hoyland Common from Jump and Elsecar,
Because the trains are backed at Barnsley like sardines, let it be said,
We walked from Hoyland Common to watch the Bonnie Reds.

West Brom came out to total silence; you’d not hear a pin drop on the floor,
George Utley led his lads out there was this mighty roar,
All the crowd were there for Barnsley, almost every man and child,
And every time they got the ball the crowd they all went wild.

They chased West Brom all over Bramall Lane, they never let them breath,
They never let them settle down and let them play their best,
West Brom never looked like scoring for all their clever play,
And Bartrop hit the cross bar when Barnsley broke away.

And then there came a nasty shock, Glendenning fell down in a swoon, And when he struggled to his feet his leg was like a big balloon,
They carried him from field a ‘play, and when we start again
The underdogs from Yorkshire are playing with 10 men.

Half time came and half time went and still there was no score,
Would it be like Crystal Palace another nil, nil draw?
Those working men in red shirts they ran like men inspired,
Towards the end of 90 minutes they were very, very tired.

And with the man advantage West Brom attacked in waves,
Our goalie Freddy Cooper made 3 acrobatic saves,
Phil Bratley kicked the ball off t'line and Barnsley wouldn’t yield,
And old man fullback Dickie Downs, the best man on the field.

barnsley reds

But we should have had a penalty, Travers brought down from behind,
And what’s a ‘matter referee, are tha daft or are tha blind?
West Brom are getting ratty and they’re dishing out some shoe,
And round the ground at Bramall Lane the hisses and the boos.

The winning goal

A corner to West Bromwich two minutes from the end of extra time,
And all their players save the goal keeper are near the Barnsley line,
But Tufnell, Barnsley's centre forward, alone near the centre spot,
If his defence could but clear the ball he’d be running like a shot.

Then injured hero Glendenning limped back on the field of play
And with one shoe off and one shoe on, he clumped the ball away,
It sailed high, wide and handsome, over everybody’s head,
If Tufnell could get to it West Bromwich would be dead.

He went off just like the clappers, all West Brom in fruitless chase,
Their goal keeper came running out, but it was a one horse race,
He was never going to miss it and he lobbed him good and square,
And 40,000 Barnsley bowler hats went sailing in the air.

And now the final whistle you’d not see a single frown,
All of us from Hoyland Common are jumping up and down,
Those working men in red shirts they hold the cup so high,
And we’ll walk back through Chapel Town in the by and by.

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