Why Can't We Play Crap Like the Germans

Why can’t we play crap like the Germans?

To me it is a travesty and sin
Why can’t we play crap like the Germans
And reach another semi-final now and then

When we had Stanley Matthews, we’d be sure to deck ‘em
With Bobby Charlton on the field, we knew that we could wreck ‘em
What’s wrong with that there Looney?
What’s wrong with David Beckham?
Why can’t we be rubbish like them?

2006 European Championships

To me, I’m just a Lehmann, but I do not understand
They’ve got a load of Michael Ballacks
And they think its grand
Why oh why do they pick that fullback
Herbert Willibrand
Why can’t we play rubbish like them?

Phillip Herman Lahm and his passing it was always gorey
But come the semi-final it was a different story
Phillip Herman Lahm and made Germans’ land a land of hope and glory


We admitted they were better with Schweinsteiger and Ozil
They were getting Klose but they’d no pigsticking skill
They play ten backs, they won’t attack
The seven nuts they cracked Brazil
Why can’t we play crap like them?


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